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Drum roll, please! We are so proud — SO PROUD — to announce that Jacob Mott’s first incredible solo title “The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY” is coming to Class Comics this Fall. Here’s the official COVER REVEAL!!! More sneak previews to come. Stay Tooned! :D

TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY! I want to order like, 10 of these! and just have them all over the place!


Bara Inn - ( project )

   Think “a parody of all-girl-cast slice-of-life manga/anime”. Bara Inn is about a ryokan (japanese inn) owned by 4 muscly hunks. Despite of that, it’s name actually refers to the wide variety of flower-based tea it offers.

=========== ✿ ===========

image- Baron Dojin

Oldest of the four, but the most childish. Very clumsy. Has a spiritual side and enjoys spending time at buddhist temples. Often follows stray cats on the streets.

=========== ✿ ===========

image- Alister Kuuge

Actually got all his scars when he fell on a cliff at age 13. Enjoys physical activities and spends most of his days practicing martial arts. Then he just eats everything and falls asleep.

=========== ✿ ===========

image- Robin Tsunken

Moody and hot-tempered, slacks a lot on chores and is rather mischievous, regardless, he’s a loyal friend and secretly, a huge softie. Will always tear up on movies and pretend it’s something else.

=========== ✿ ===========

image - Adam Danki

The youngest of the four. Despite being incredibly silent he’s always around someone and offering his assistance. Avoids leaving the inn at all costs. Has a fascination for horror stories.

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