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The Epic Loads Bestiary - Support this project @ OffBeatr
(gathering these up in singular posts so the blog gets less crampy)

Fire Djinn ( named: Surtr ) Legendary beast entitled as “the lord of fire and gold”. His presence alone is capable of setting everything ablaze. Folklore depicts about his chamber being filled with gold he collects from around the globe and melts into all kinds of artifacts, also that it is located deep into a volcano, along with the fire crystal. Clearly, no one has ever found that chamber. It belongs to the Epic category

Wind Djinn ( Named: Garuda ) Legendary Beast entitled as “The winged beholder” . Always far above the clouds and never once to be found on ground, he leisurely flies in lax as if he’s laying on a soft silky bed, Folklore tells that he listens to everything and knows all of the world’s secrets. Many are the adventurers and truth-seekers who set off to find him in hopes for an answer to their quests, but none succeeded, regardless, it is said that he’ll descend himself to reveal truths to it’s chosen ones, when the time is right.

Earth Djinn ( named: Titanus ) Legendary beast entitled as “the stepping mountain”, on foot it’s 65 feet tall and it’s steps trembles the earth, Folklore depicts that it is sleeping beneath the ground but simultaneously feeling everything above it. It also says Titanus will crack the planes open and rise from it when nature is threathened by those who carelessly injure it, and will only withdraw to it’s rest when it is safe once more. It belongs to the Epic category.

Water Djinn ( named: Leviathan ) - Legendary beast entitled as “the tidal king”, usually roaming in the deepest parts of the ocean, there’s too little known about it, some say it will hunt and wreck ships of unworthy men, some say it keeps the world’s greatest treasures hidden in the deep, his entire lenght is 20 feet, and it’s also said that his touch holds both the power of healing and an extremely deadly toxin. It belongs to the Epic category.

Comissions on queue

(disregard this post, its more like a reminder note to myself @_@)

  • Lupar X Hebanon - Lines - Uberfish - sketched - paid
  • Poison jam - Sketch - Pjam - Roughly sketched - paid
  • Orc x Oni - full - Aros - Linearted - paid
  • Nox x Hiro - Promo - ToliB - finished - paid
  • Tormaz x Hiro - Promo - ToliB - to begin - paid
  • 12 ELc updates - Promo - ToliB - In progress - Paid
  • Dark Knight - Full - Frederico - Flat colored - paid
  • Templar - Full - Frederico - Flat colored - paid
  • Full metal - Comic - J M - Still to be confirmed 
  • Venom x Jack - Comic - Takis - In progress - Paid along progress
  • Green Beetle - full - Zarob - finished - Paid


  • Yarne sketch for Akaito-Twin - to begin
  • Kanji sketch for Readasaur - to begin
  • Orcs vs Tiger sketch for KingKomet - to begin

(if you comissioned me and are not seeing it here in this lease please let me know!)


Here’s a petition I started in response to the lack of toggleable romantic behavior for Miis in Tomodachi LifeSign here! Also, if you can, try to leave a comment saying whether or not you’ll buy the game and your thoughts.

Nintendo’s been known to not only alter content for the purposes of localization, but to generously add and improve existing content. To feature heterosexual romances exclusively in an otherwise very fully-featured and customizable sim is a shame within itself, especially considering the Nintendo Direct promotion's heavy emphasis on romance events.

I think if Nintendo sees enough people are interested in a romantic behavior toggle, they’ll consider including it in a patch, or at least address the concern and recognize what fans expect of Nintendo. 

Please, sign and share!


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