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lifebyjorge asked:

hey just wondering if you still are carrying on with the epic loads comic or if its finished project now cuz i want to read the whole thing and then not be stuck on a cliffhanger at the end lol. great work on all else dude keep it up! x

Bahaha, I promise Epic loads is a project for-life, I can’t promise about cliffhangers though, it IS a free comic and I do have bills to pay. XD

The Epic Loads comic is over 100 pages! and 112 dicks!
( full image x )

So far we had twincest, incest, threesomes, tentacle, deepthroat, foot jobs, hand jobs, bondage, and more!
( gang-bang, voyer, toys and some wrestling-sex is on the way)

The comic is focused, and full of Baras, but we have tall, slender, delicate, chubby, petit, sporty, bulky, etc. We love ALL body types! 

The cast is getting BIG! With our lovely main party; Hiro, Dagger, Magus and Arcus, Hiro’s servants; Roxo, Verde, Pheony, Hermes (and his elusive Cook), King Phallus of Virildom and King Yggdrasyl of the Elves, the bad guys; Anti-Hiro and Lucius, and many side-characters like Enoch’s children, the Bara Bandits; Thorn, Arrow, Goblin, Barrel and gang. Many others have been revealed and I can’t wait for their debut. 

The Elc world (Atlas) is getting more and more real and alive with each new page, illustration and ask. I love talking to fans about it and answering questions, it often makes me wonder about many aspects of this world that never crossed my mind. And the Bestiary is on it’s way! Hopefully, I’ll start working on "Epic Loads the game" next year!

The comic is over 700 readers and I feel like I owe you guys the world. Each follow, reblog and like counts as a little push forward, and seeing your love expressed on comments, asks and mails are moving! Your excitement becomes my excitement, and nowadays I catch myself hyping for my comic as if I was a reader myself! I hope you stick around with me and the Elc gang for many more years!

I love you all! <3
Thank you! ;u;

tsumugus-dick asked:

If you come to Ultros you can join my guild u w u I have a Miqo'te Summoner, I main Summoner with him but I also have the conjurer class. First I'm going to need to find my Email address back because Sqaure Enix is being a little bitch. But you should really come to my Free Company, we have a Jacuzzi in our Guild House.

Bahaha it is a very tempting invitation! But Balmung is the third server I move to for a re-start, so I’ll stick around there until Hiro is all leveled up. Maybe Dagger or Arcus will show up in other servers in the future! =)

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