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!! VERY IMPORTANT !! 2 my followers and comissioners!

I’m moving homes this week, getting outta this dump into a nice cozy professional-artist like apartment. Thing is, all the paper work, documenting, reporting, fixing and moving is cramping the hell out of me, AND since my country (Brazil), works as fast as a very slow and old turtle which is also dead, I’ll probably have no internet for the first week after my move. (or longer, when I moved to where I’m at rn, it took 3 weeks for me to get internet. It was like the apocalypse in my life)


But rest assured my lovelies that I’ll be drawing dicks and penises for all of you and then flood you with them when I’m back. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

lv2fk asked:

Hi again, I found the image I reblogged and I had taken it from lookporn who had their details (and that's why I deleted). As a fellow artist I alway leave credits on because i understand the value and importance. They're a great set of illustrations. If anything this has given me a chance to look through your excellent blog. Take care babe xx

Some people DO know how to respond. You’re awesome! And thank you very very much for your understanding! (and for liking my stuff! *blush*)

jezzloads asked:

Hey Bud, Is your comic available in print? If so, where do I buy it?

Im glad you asked! Soon ELc will reach 100 pages and by the time we finish chapter V I’ll break everything into two volumes! (with some extra pages of course ;) ) So look forward to that everyone! =3

(also I’ll try to find somewhere else than Blurb to print, their print is just fabulous but I find it too expensive.)


Drum roll, please! We are so proud — SO PROUD — to announce that Jacob Mott’s first incredible solo title “The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY” is coming to Class Comics this Fall. Here’s the official COVER REVEAL!!! More sneak previews to come. Stay Tooned! :D

TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY! I want to order like, 10 of these! and just have them all over the place!

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